Saturday, 21 April 2012

On My Fingertips: Dior Vernis #483 - Pink Kimono

Dior Vernis #483.
As much as I adore the range of colours and finishes of high-end nail polishes, I very rarely purchase them from department stores because I find it difficult to justify the price tag. So when a lovely friend returned from an overseas holiday with some duty-free Dior, I squealed with delight!

One of the treats I was so lucky to receive was this Dior Vernis in #483 (Pink Kimono). Despite believing I had every variation of pink under the sun in my collection, this colour proved to be a beautiful and unique shade of bright pink.

Dior Vernis # 463 - Pink Kimono
The formula of this polish is like all Dior polishes I have tried; it is smooth, light and has an intense pigment. You could easily get away with one shade without any streaking. I applied two with a top coat and the result was an even matte finish.

While I am certain there are many similar pinks out there that could be a dupe for this, there is just a little bit of luxury that comes with Dior polishes. They go on beautifully, come in such divine packaging and last for days without chipping.

Thanks to my lovely poodle who gave me this x


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the colour. Your nail polishing technique is stunning. Thanks for sharing. I have never tried Dior before but I have a few Chanel colours that I adore. They are a rare indulgence X

  2. Such a beautiful smooth finish! Love the colour.

  3. What a gorgeous pink, have to try this one out. I have subscribed to your blog, feel free to sub back. :)


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