Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pops of Pink

The same way that the looks on the runway change with each season, so should our make up selection. In summer, I tend towards light coverage and pops of bright colours to fit with the freshness of long, light-filled days and plenty of outdoor activities. In winter, it's lots of creamy, moisturising products and rich, warm tones to fit with the general mood.

But sometimes, there is nothing more refreshing than bucking the trend and mixing things up a little. Pink has such a fun flirtiness about it that says it should belong in the summer selection, but lately during this dreary cold weather, I have felt like a pop of pink will be just the reminder I need that summer will return again one day.

Keeping the rest of the face fresh and wearing only simple eye make up ensures pink lips speak volumes. I choose to combine MAC's Girl About Town lipstick and matching lip liner in Magenta for a bold pout, and to continue the fun on my fingers, I use OPIs Pink Flamenco.

And the visuals...

{a soft pink lip stain/gloss combination is complimented perfectly with simple black eyeliner}

{bold lips with a darker frock brings instant freshness and fun to the look}

* Images from Le FashionPRIMPED and Vogue Daily. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Corporate Chic

Corporate attire is a bit of a minefield. Just how a young lady should represent herself in the office is always a contentious topic. While the light blouse, dark bottoms and court shoes are a safe bet, for those who enjoy fashion purely for the individuality and creativeness it allows you to express, it can be difficult to find a balance between appropriate and inappropriate office attire.

I am a firm believer in dressing for the job you want, and feel that confidence exudes from how your present yourself. I strive for a look that shows professionalism, but I also like to incorporate pizzazz and creativity into my corporate attire to ensure a bit of me shines through every day. I try to find a balance between unique, statement pieces and structure. Floral dresses, bright blouses, bold skirts, patterned tights, and of course, sky high pumps feature prominently in my work wardrobe.

I stumbled across this editorial from Gloria Magazine that strikes a delightful balance between corporate and fashionista. I particularly love the muted tones, and how the structured pieces are always paired with something unexpected and feminine. Those watermelon-stained lips are also rather delightful. This has taken centre stage on my inspiration board!

* All images from WhoWhatWear.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Checking Out Valentino

{skirt: vintage Valentino from Friperie Fitzroy, top: Cue, belt: vintage, shoes: RMK}

Recently, I posted about the first designer piece to find a home in my closet: this vintage Valentino skirt. I love the richness and depth of colour in this piece, as well as the delicate gold detailing. The various colours can easily be accentuated by mixing up the make up look, or pairing it with vibrant accessories.

For a dreary winter day, I decided to pair it with bright lips and nails to bring out the fuchsia hues. It definitely helped to lift the sombre winter mood and brought a hint of Valentino romanticism into my day.

* All photos taken by the lovely Cecilia.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fussing Over Floral

{skirt: Friperie Fitzroy}

While I am yet to define exactly what underpins my own style and aesthetic, it is undeniable that I am heavily influenced by feminine, girly pieces. So it goes without saying that floral pieces always seem to jump off the rack and into my closet quite easily, no matter what the season. Floral pieces make a lovely statement, grabbing attention with bright colours, while also embodying a feminine softness.

I picked up this beautiful skirt, which combines my ever-growing love for pleats and a chic floral print. This particular print has a colour palette that is warm enough to pair with tights and black basics for winter, while also being able to transcend into spring with the addition of strappy sandals and a crisp shirt.

While (what seems like) the rest of the world is stepping into summer, floral seems to be the prominent go-to piece for capturing the buzz and optimism of the warmer months. But I think why not bring a pop of sunshine to a dreary winter's day with a timeless floral piece!

Some inspiration on ways to wear and style floral pieces...

{love how this bold skirt and accessories are paired with a neutral sweater}

{the perfect inspiration for styling a warmer floral print during the cooler months}

{a feminine silhouette combined with a floral print creates the perfect ladylike look}

{love this unique look that combines a bold floral coat with nude heels and uber-girly accessories}

{floral and lace rounded out by edgier bowling shoes}

{summer is embodied in this romper}

{love how this statement jacket is paired with a more casual ensemble}

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dream A Little Dream Of...

It is what every fashionista's dreams are made of: borrowing some of the world's most expensive frocks, getting professionally dolled up, and posing up a storm to the flashes of the paparazzi's cameras. Yet the harsh reality remains that most of us will not get the opportunity to parade luxurious designer gowns down a red carpet.

So while I am curled up on the couch in my tracksuit with a pot of tea, these delightful frocks are the perfect reminder that this reality is what fashion is all about: imagination and lust. If we could all have the red-carpet experience, who and what would we look to for inspiration?

For me, this Versace collection is the essence of red carpet romanticism and glamour. Feminine, figure-hugging gowns made with extravagant fabrics and intricate details. Simply divine. And exactly what this fashionista's dreams are made of...

{lace and silk delicately entwined}

 {love how the deep purple frames the face and fades to a luscious, fairy-floss pink}

 {a more edgy bodice and skirt paired with sheer detail on the sleeves}

{spied Jessica Biel wearing this frock to the Golden Globes after party}

{Grecian goddess meets Hollywood glamour}

{love how the feminine layers cascading down the gown are contrasted with a more edgy colour palette}

{rich red wine with a hint of sparkle}

* Images from Who What Wear.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

J'adore Dior

I am usually very sceptical of 'designer' sales. I immediately think of dingy warehouses, makeshift changerooms, garments littering the floor, and just utter chaos. So when I heard that Dior was having a one day sale in Melbourne, I did not get my hopes up. Curiousity was always going to get the better of me though.

Upon arriving at the quiet, modern gallery my spirits instantly rose. But up to 80% off? Doubtful. Upon closer inspection however, I realised that I had definitely stumbled upon a secret sale, with some serious bargains awaiting me.

The room was filled with so many beautiful pieces. I thought I might just spend the entire afternoon here swooning over ever piece, unable to decide on just one special piece. But it was love at first sight when I spotted this beautiful necklace. Dainty, feminine and elegant. And at an unbelievable price. Quite simply, a match made in heaven, sent from Paris.