Monday, 25 July 2011

Dior Decadence

I never tire of an uber-feminine, decadent editorial. It evokes memories of a time when fashion was about embracing the female form and putting thought and effort into every detail. An outfit is much more than mere clothing, it extends to elaborate accessories, perfect strands, bold make up and finishes at a meticulous manicure.

This Dior RTW Fall 11 editorial takes the concept of the 1950s ladylike and adds modern touches. I love how these beautiful images play with texture and accessories to add depth to each outfit. What this editorial also brings is an feeling of strength and confidence. From the poses that emphasise posture, to the fierce glares into the camera lens, this editorial seems to play up the contrast of feminine attire and ladylike behaviour of the 50s, with the empowerment and confidence the modern woman embodies.

* All images from Dustjacket Attic.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Structured Finishings

During the cooler months, it is practically impossible to leave the house without layering. Last winter, cardigans were my go to. A versatile, light piece that can be thrown on with just about any outfit. But this year when I went to pull on the trusted cardigan, I began to feel like I was wearing them just for warmth, and not to complete and bring some added flare to my overall look. 

I acquired the perfect navy blazer from Zara when I was in London, and have since been on the hunt to add to this collection substantially. As these ladies show, different styles and colours can add a structured finish to any outfit. Rather than just a layering piece for warmth, blazers make the perfect statement.

{detailing on the shoulders add spunk and individuality to this piece}

{this gorgeous high-cut cropped blazer makes it the feature of the entire look}

{working a blazer into a summer look}

{this emerald blazer dresses up this casual look}

{love the pinstriped, corporate blazer and how the entire look is toned down with casual pants}

{the queen of casual-chic demonstrating how to wear a blazer with a day look}

{the sky is the limit with colours and fit}

* Images from 9to5chic, Harper and Harley, The Glamourai, This Time Tomorrow, Late Afternoon (5 and 8) and WhoWhatWear (6 and 7).