Monday, 19 September 2011

All Blocked Out?

Colour blocking is undoubtedly the trend of S/S 11. While colour always seems to make a resurgence at this time of year, this season it is definitely on steroids. The concept of colour blocking (refering to contrasting bright colours in the one outfit) is absolutely taking over. It is to the point where sunglasses are imperative for a trip to the shops. Full on is an understatement.

While I am from Melbourne (read: drawn instinctively to black, grey or black), I always get the urge around Spring to ditch the neutrals and add hints of colour. And while the colour blocking trends provides the perfect opportunity to give it a go, I can't help but feel like this trend has been prominent and front of mind for the past six months. All over the northern hemisphere, fashionistas have been showing how colour blocking is done, and now it feels, well, like it has past. An unfortunate repercusion of Australia being 'behind' the trends.

Nevertheless, I am going back through the archives to reinvigorate the joy I saw in the colour blocking trend when it become apparent. It is hard not to want to give it a try when you see how these stylish ladies make it look so fun and chic.

{pink and red tied together amazingly well with a bright yellow clutch} 

 {a couple of bright pieces paired with neutrals is a great way to ease into the trend}

 {pastel colour blocking with a rich royal blue to ground the look}

 {a splash of colour paired with neutrals still makes a statement}

{bright on bright on bright screams summer}

 {love how this bold skirt is paired with a statement pout to finish the look}

 {a strong colour blocked dress enhanced with bold blue shoes}

 {brights and pleats looking equally bold and fabulous}

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mustard Musings

{top: Cue}

Mustard has always been a colour I have admired, but never thought to dabble in. Until now. It seemed to be one of those tricky colours that only suited certain hair colours and skin types. But the beauty of the blogosphere has shown that it can be worn in many different ways and on many different ladies. It continues to amaze me how fashion has been completely revolutionised by the internet. Magazines are now only a contributing medium for forecasting and illustrating trends; blogs provide instant gratification and variety never seen before.

I took the plunge and purchased this relatively conservative Cue knit top to test whether mustard will really agree with me. So far so good. I am looking forward to teaming it with flowing skirts and tan accessories for work, and with jeans and loafers for relaxed Spring weekends.

{paired with neutrals for a simplicistic look}

{teamed with gold heels for a stunning evening look}

{statement mustard clutch}

{head-to-toe mustard is paired with slicked back hair and gold accessories}

{with light pants and accessories for a breezy Spring look}

Monday, 12 September 2011

Red Wine Lips

What I love about make up is its ability to enhance and draw attention to our best features. Lipstick is particularly powerful when it comes to this. I am constantly experimenting with different hues to see how they highlight certain colours and features on my face. It is a fantastic way to update your look without breaking the bank.

A prominent trend throughout winter has been rich deep red lips. Whether it is a purple-based 'berry', or a cherry 'red wine' hue, the warmth this lip colour adds to the face, particularly bringing out a subtle flush in the cheeks, is reminiscent of cosy winter nights by the fire.

Despite the fact that we are sailing into Spring, I have decided to give this a try. My colour of choice is the delicious Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson, which I think is the perfect balance of red wine and cherry red (I adore the packaging from this latest range, too. Made the decision even easier!).

* Images from PRIMPED, and Caroline's Mode.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Dior Decadence

I never tire of an uber-feminine, decadent editorial. It evokes memories of a time when fashion was about embracing the female form and putting thought and effort into every detail. An outfit is much more than mere clothing, it extends to elaborate accessories, perfect strands, bold make up and finishes at a meticulous manicure.

This Dior RTW Fall 11 editorial takes the concept of the 1950s ladylike and adds modern touches. I love how these beautiful images play with texture and accessories to add depth to each outfit. What this editorial also brings is an feeling of strength and confidence. From the poses that emphasise posture, to the fierce glares into the camera lens, this editorial seems to play up the contrast of feminine attire and ladylike behaviour of the 50s, with the empowerment and confidence the modern woman embodies.

* All images from Dustjacket Attic.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Structured Finishings

During the cooler months, it is practically impossible to leave the house without layering. Last winter, cardigans were my go to. A versatile, light piece that can be thrown on with just about any outfit. But this year when I went to pull on the trusted cardigan, I began to feel like I was wearing them just for warmth, and not to complete and bring some added flare to my overall look. 

I acquired the perfect navy blazer from Zara when I was in London, and have since been on the hunt to add to this collection substantially. As these ladies show, different styles and colours can add a structured finish to any outfit. Rather than just a layering piece for warmth, blazers make the perfect statement.

{detailing on the shoulders add spunk and individuality to this piece}

{this gorgeous high-cut cropped blazer makes it the feature of the entire look}

{working a blazer into a summer look}

{this emerald blazer dresses up this casual look}

{love the pinstriped, corporate blazer and how the entire look is toned down with casual pants}

{the queen of casual-chic demonstrating how to wear a blazer with a day look}

{the sky is the limit with colours and fit}

* Images from 9to5chic, Harper and Harley, The Glamourai, This Time Tomorrow, Late Afternoon (5 and 8) and WhoWhatWear (6 and 7). 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pops of Pink

The same way that the looks on the runway change with each season, so should our make up selection. In summer, I tend towards light coverage and pops of bright colours to fit with the freshness of long, light-filled days and plenty of outdoor activities. In winter, it's lots of creamy, moisturising products and rich, warm tones to fit with the general mood.

But sometimes, there is nothing more refreshing than bucking the trend and mixing things up a little. Pink has such a fun flirtiness about it that says it should belong in the summer selection, but lately during this dreary cold weather, I have felt like a pop of pink will be just the reminder I need that summer will return again one day.

Keeping the rest of the face fresh and wearing only simple eye make up ensures pink lips speak volumes. I choose to combine MAC's Girl About Town lipstick and matching lip liner in Magenta for a bold pout, and to continue the fun on my fingers, I use OPIs Pink Flamenco.

And the visuals...

{a soft pink lip stain/gloss combination is complimented perfectly with simple black eyeliner}

{bold lips with a darker frock brings instant freshness and fun to the look}

* Images from Le FashionPRIMPED and Vogue Daily. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Corporate Chic

Corporate attire is a bit of a minefield. Just how a young lady should represent herself in the office is always a contentious topic. While the light blouse, dark bottoms and court shoes are a safe bet, for those who enjoy fashion purely for the individuality and creativeness it allows you to express, it can be difficult to find a balance between appropriate and inappropriate office attire.

I am a firm believer in dressing for the job you want, and feel that confidence exudes from how your present yourself. I strive for a look that shows professionalism, but I also like to incorporate pizzazz and creativity into my corporate attire to ensure a bit of me shines through every day. I try to find a balance between unique, statement pieces and structure. Floral dresses, bright blouses, bold skirts, patterned tights, and of course, sky high pumps feature prominently in my work wardrobe.

I stumbled across this editorial from Gloria Magazine that strikes a delightful balance between corporate and fashionista. I particularly love the muted tones, and how the structured pieces are always paired with something unexpected and feminine. Those watermelon-stained lips are also rather delightful. This has taken centre stage on my inspiration board!

* All images from WhoWhatWear.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Checking Out Valentino

{skirt: vintage Valentino from Friperie Fitzroy, top: Cue, belt: vintage, shoes: RMK}

Recently, I posted about the first designer piece to find a home in my closet: this vintage Valentino skirt. I love the richness and depth of colour in this piece, as well as the delicate gold detailing. The various colours can easily be accentuated by mixing up the make up look, or pairing it with vibrant accessories.

For a dreary winter day, I decided to pair it with bright lips and nails to bring out the fuchsia hues. It definitely helped to lift the sombre winter mood and brought a hint of Valentino romanticism into my day.

* All photos taken by the lovely Cecilia.