Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pops of Pink

The same way that the looks on the runway change with each season, so should our make up selection. In summer, I tend towards light coverage and pops of bright colours to fit with the freshness of long, light-filled days and plenty of outdoor activities. In winter, it's lots of creamy, moisturising products and rich, warm tones to fit with the general mood.

But sometimes, there is nothing more refreshing than bucking the trend and mixing things up a little. Pink has such a fun flirtiness about it that says it should belong in the summer selection, but lately during this dreary cold weather, I have felt like a pop of pink will be just the reminder I need that summer will return again one day.

Keeping the rest of the face fresh and wearing only simple eye make up ensures pink lips speak volumes. I choose to combine MAC's Girl About Town lipstick and matching lip liner in Magenta for a bold pout, and to continue the fun on my fingers, I use OPIs Pink Flamenco.

And the visuals...

{a soft pink lip stain/gloss combination is complimented perfectly with simple black eyeliner}

{bold lips with a darker frock brings instant freshness and fun to the look}

* Images from Le FashionPRIMPED and Vogue Daily. 


  1. Hey Lisa, I agree, I start craving these bright colours in winter, if only I was brave enough to wear it on my lips!

  2. So girly!!! I love some pink!

  3. oooh totally agree - I'm a big fan of bold lippy and got my matte fuschia lippy from the david jones line! I think it adds a nice pop of colour when I'm wearing black/grey/navy in the workplace..


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