Thursday, 23 June 2011

Corporate Chic

Corporate attire is a bit of a minefield. Just how a young lady should represent herself in the office is always a contentious topic. While the light blouse, dark bottoms and court shoes are a safe bet, for those who enjoy fashion purely for the individuality and creativeness it allows you to express, it can be difficult to find a balance between appropriate and inappropriate office attire.

I am a firm believer in dressing for the job you want, and feel that confidence exudes from how your present yourself. I strive for a look that shows professionalism, but I also like to incorporate pizzazz and creativity into my corporate attire to ensure a bit of me shines through every day. I try to find a balance between unique, statement pieces and structure. Floral dresses, bright blouses, bold skirts, patterned tights, and of course, sky high pumps feature prominently in my work wardrobe.

I stumbled across this editorial from Gloria Magazine that strikes a delightful balance between corporate and fashionista. I particularly love the muted tones, and how the structured pieces are always paired with something unexpected and feminine. Those watermelon-stained lips are also rather delightful. This has taken centre stage on my inspiration board!

* All images from WhoWhatWear.


  1. Love those grey trousers and that trench.

  2. Love this topic! Nice one! x

  3. LOVE! But then as a work streetstyle fashion blogger I would!

    As a corporate in a conservative environment, I feel your pain lady. I like to add what you call pizzazz by way of basics in interesting prints and colours or accessories that make me feel fab within the confines of the workplace. If you do you check out my blog to see my photographs of stylish melburnians on their way to work - I'd love to hear what you think...

  4. i love the look, it's so cute, but like classy, ya know?

    check out my fashion blog, and follow?

  5. Love these looks (especially the trench). I so agree with you in dressing for the job you want.
    Just discovered your blog, hope you visit me back xoxo


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