Friday, 15 July 2011

Structured Finishings

During the cooler months, it is practically impossible to leave the house without layering. Last winter, cardigans were my go to. A versatile, light piece that can be thrown on with just about any outfit. But this year when I went to pull on the trusted cardigan, I began to feel like I was wearing them just for warmth, and not to complete and bring some added flare to my overall look. 

I acquired the perfect navy blazer from Zara when I was in London, and have since been on the hunt to add to this collection substantially. As these ladies show, different styles and colours can add a structured finish to any outfit. Rather than just a layering piece for warmth, blazers make the perfect statement.

{detailing on the shoulders add spunk and individuality to this piece}

{this gorgeous high-cut cropped blazer makes it the feature of the entire look}

{working a blazer into a summer look}

{this emerald blazer dresses up this casual look}

{love the pinstriped, corporate blazer and how the entire look is toned down with casual pants}

{the queen of casual-chic demonstrating how to wear a blazer with a day look}

{the sky is the limit with colours and fit}

* Images from 9to5chic, Harper and Harley, The Glamourai, This Time Tomorrow, Late Afternoon (5 and 8) and WhoWhatWear (6 and 7). 


  1. You can't go wrong with a navy blazer, love these looks.

  2. I've been on the look out for a nice tailored linen blazer. I'm considering one I spotted on madewell. These pictures are great inspiration.


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