Monday, 12 September 2011

Red Wine Lips

What I love about make up is its ability to enhance and draw attention to our best features. Lipstick is particularly powerful when it comes to this. I am constantly experimenting with different hues to see how they highlight certain colours and features on my face. It is a fantastic way to update your look without breaking the bank.

A prominent trend throughout winter has been rich deep red lips. Whether it is a purple-based 'berry', or a cherry 'red wine' hue, the warmth this lip colour adds to the face, particularly bringing out a subtle flush in the cheeks, is reminiscent of cosy winter nights by the fire.

Despite the fact that we are sailing into Spring, I have decided to give this a try. My colour of choice is the delicious Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson, which I think is the perfect balance of red wine and cherry red (I adore the packaging from this latest range, too. Made the decision even easier!).

* Images from PRIMPED, and Caroline's Mode.


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