Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Red Carpet Watch: Logies 2011

Australia's (slightly disappointing) answer to the Grammy's. Any excuse to see celebrities donning the latest designer attire is a good excuse to gawk and celebrate though, I say.

Overall, the mood was 'safe'. A few splashes of colour, but most of the ladies stuck to classic gowns, with a focus on silhouettes and intricate detail.

And the Just-Made-Up Fashion Logies go to...

Shelley Craft

A-symmetrical cut, with beautiful ruffle detailing, balanced out by a modest train. The dress is complimented by a chic up-do and subtle smoky eye. Bravo, Shelley, bravo.
Esther Anderson

Fresh off the catwalk, this bold Alex Perry design suits the former-model to a tee. The sleek ponytail ensures the emphasis is on this chunky neckline, balanced with a flowing skirt. Well played, Anderson.

Asher Keddie

I j'adore the J'aton aesthetic - I am yet to see the Melbourne boys put a foot wrong! This figure-hugging, beautifully detailed number is balanced with some often-hard-to-pull-off cap sleeves. Asher has donned a slightly textured up-do to ensure the frock is the focus, while those dainty drop earrings are the perfect glam touch to this superb get-up.

Jessica Marais

This sweet 1920s-inspired number is a delightful balance of vintage and modern, with the flapper-esque fringing perfectly paired with a slightly risque lace d├ęcolletage. With peachy cheeks and natural make up, Jess lets the detailed dress do all the talking. Very enjoyable.

Rebecca Judd

Six months pregnant and still looking stylish as ever, this WAG has proven she just gets it. Completely. I particularly love the teased, textured up do, allowing the ruffled flower some room to breathe.

Zoe Ventoura

Head-to-toe sparkles, made even more glamorous by the oh-so-sexy hair tucked behind the ear trick. This eye-catching gown is so wonderfully paired with classic make up and accessories, Zoe looks like she is straight of a Hollywood red carpet.

Honourable mention goes to...

Katy Perry

While I find the sleeves a touch over-bearing, I love Katy's vintage hair and make up. The deep side-part and large curls, paired with a bold red pout are simply delicious! And while it does not seem to match her quirky outfit, I am reminded that this is exactly why I am drawn to Mrs Brand. She loves to add a touch of flare and individuality to the red carpet, which is always refreshing.

And a dishonorable mention goes to…

Laura Dundovic

Thank goodness Ms Dundovic did not decide to whip this one out at the Miss Universe pageant. It's trashy and attention-seeking. This would be perfect at the Playboy Mansion, amongst the jungle of bunnies. However, not so appropriate on the Red Carpet. Raow!

* All photos from Mamamia.

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  1. I can't belive that Shelley Craft had a baby 8 months ago!

    Rebecca Judd was definitely my fave, she is just stunning


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