Friday, 20 May 2011

Pout Perfection

For me, make up is an essential part of one's style. When piecing together a look, I put a lot of thought into ensuring that my makeup and hair works with, and accentuates, my outfit. I find it fun to be able to add drama and colour to an outfit, purely by playing with what's in your cosmetics drawer.

Recently, I have been experimenting a lot more with lipstick. I love the way it can provide an overall freshness to the face by drawing attention to your smile. Wearing bold hues on your face means it is essential to style your outfit accordingly; this can mean toning down your clothes to let the pout do the talking (zing!), or as I have found to be most fun, working in ways to tie in matching hues on your fingertips or garments.

{pops of pink styled beautifully with white and purple}

{plum is most certainly on my list of winter colours to try}

{red lips and bum bag = fabulous}

{red wine lips and nails can transcend into evening with a chic black dress}

{matching lipsticks and prints are a perfect pair}

{bright lips and nails pop with a completely neutral outfit}

* Images from The Blonde Salad (1, 2, 7), Gary Pepper Vintage, Hannelibecauseimaddicted and The Glamourai.  

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  1. Absolutely fabulous, I love it all!


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