Monday, 2 May 2011


{Dior Vernis: 997 Blue Label}

Have you been searching high and low, night and day for the perfect navy blue nail polish? A matte, almost-but-not-quite-black-blue? Are you always finding that almost-but-not-quite-right polishes are too bright? Too sparkly? Just rubbish in general? Well, I'll save you the heartache, stress and desperation and direct you right to it.

I'm in the midst of quite a navy phase and was looking for a very specific colour to add that extra polish (zing!) to the perfect autumn outfit. Dior's Blue Label (997) is the answer from the Nail Polish Gods to my prayers. It's dark enough to look almost black, but worn with navy it brings out a very deep blue. I have a feeling it will be featuring prominently on my paws this winter.

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