Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Winter Favourite: Emerald Green Smokey Eye

While I normally do not stray from my trusty brown and grey smokey eyes, there is something about the winter chill that makes me want to add a bit of colour and drama to my daily eye look. On one daring Tuesday morning I rummaged through my kit to look for all of the rustic emerald greens and shimmery khakis I could find and this is what I created.

Emerald Green Smokey Eye

To achieve this look, it involved quite a lot of layering and blending - despite it looking like just a swipe of green eyeshadow! These were the products used:

Products Used
  1. I began by dipping my flat eyeshadow brush in the black eyeshadow once, then straight into the matte emerald green and then proceeding to dab this all over my lid. I repeated this process 3-4 times to get the right amount of depth and saturation.
  2. I then lined my lower lashline with this colour combination.
  3. Next I used a lighter khaki green and a fluffy blending brush to blend into the outer corner and crease to give the colour some more depth and also blend out the harsh edges.
  4. I continued blending with a lighter khaki shade and took this up a little higher into my crease and brow bone. as well as blending under the lower lashline as well.
  5. Using a light, skin toned colour I highlighted under my brown and the tear duct.
  6. I used a black gel liner to line both the top and bottom lashlines to give some added definition.

As you can see, quite a lot of technique and layering goes into what looks like quite a basic look. I find that if you skip the step of combining the black and the emerald green, the colour payoff is not as strong and ends up looking quite sheer.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous, I love this look! And I have major lash envy:)


  2. There is nothing better than a smoky green eye in winter, really works to warm up the face. This look is definitely worth the effort, it is beautiful on you.

  3. Ooooo nice, I'm going to try this one myself, you look gorgeous!

  4. I'm a huge fan of a brown smokey eye too. I used to do a dark smokey eye when I was a teen because it was the in thing to do, but it never flattered me.


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