Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome, 2012!

The turn of the New Year always brings with it the opportunity to bring about positive change and create resolutions. Up there at the top of my list is this blog! Finding the right balance between work, life and blogging proved difficult last year, so it is a big focus of mine to get back of track and create a schedule that ensures I do not let the blog slide down the list of importance. It is so very important to have a place that is an outlet for inspiration and creativity; to deprive yourself of this really is to deprive yourself of fleshing out ideas and indulging yourself in something that makes you happy. So here is to a more consistent and creative 2012!

Some of my other resolutions include riding my bike more often, taking a more regimented approach to healthy cooking/eating, always taking fashion and beauty risks, and having endless time for cuddles with this guy:

Happy New Year!

* Image from Pinterest.


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